Tuesday, March 16, 2010

September-Carter's 1!!!

September was a bitter sweet month...Carter turned 1, I didnt want him to turn 1 but it was fun to celebrate his frist birthday. It was mickey mouse themed, and my mom made him a mickey mouse cake for everyone to eat, and then she made him a little cake that he could tear up and do with it as he please, which by the way, most was on the floor and in his hair. I made cute invites and sent them out to everyone in the family and to all of our friends, I had everything all planned out, I made him a shirt that said birthday boy, and it was on a little blue shirt, it was super cute, and everyone came, he tried to open presents but wasn't too interested. Once he found out what was underneath the presents though he was willing to tear stuff open.
When we went to bring him his cake, we lit the little "1" candle that was on it, we all started singing, and let me tell you, there like 20-25 people there at this time, and we are all singing happy birthday, and he is just looking around at all of us like, what are you doing, and why is everyone staring at me! But while we were singing Bryan (my bro) brought his cake over and sat it d0wn in front of him in his high chair and for a second he just stared at it. I was kneeling on the other side of his high chair so I hurried and blew out the candle and just stared at it more...then all of the sudden he just stuck one finger in the cake pulled it out and looked at, put it in his mouth, and realized that was the good stuff, and then it was all downhill from there. He just dug all into that cake and tore it all to pieces. It was all in his hair, all over the floor, up his nose, down his shirt, in his ears, in his nails, some in his mouth, some on the walls, most mostly on the tray, and down in the seat...it was priceless, and he loved every moment of it. He got so many good toys too which he loves and still plays with. He did learn to walk like a couple of weeks before his birthday and so it was a wonderful show for everyone to see.
A couple of days later, my dad flew in from NC to see the fam and to celebrate everyone's birthdays throughout the year. So while he was out we did a ton of shopping for food and a ton of shopping for presents. But it was all worth it. While my dad was out here I cut my neice's hair, this really cute cute style, longer in the front, short in the back right? Well first, she twirls her hair and its breaking off, so her parents told me to cut it off, so I did. My dad wasn't too happy about it, he loved her longer hair, but anyways, not even joking, like 3 days later, my sister calls me to tell me that Isabelle has taken it apon herself to give herself another haircut. Oh it was horrible. So I had to cut all her hair off. She looked just like a little boy, it was so sad. But it looked alot better than it did before. Anyways, Carter's hair was getting super long at this point too, it was getting ringlets in the back, old women are callin him a her, and I was like, ok well maybe it's time to cut his hair...So after my dad left, I got the scissors out and chopped it all off. And I kept all of it. And he was so cute after it was all gone. He looked like a completely different baby, I was kinda sad, but was happy that he looked like a little boy again. I sent pics to everyone and they all told me he looked like a little man, which I also thought was bittersweet...I don't want him to grow up too fast...

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