Tuesday, March 16, 2010

September-Carter's 1!!!

September was a bitter sweet month...Carter turned 1, I didnt want him to turn 1 but it was fun to celebrate his frist birthday. It was mickey mouse themed, and my mom made him a mickey mouse cake for everyone to eat, and then she made him a little cake that he could tear up and do with it as he please, which by the way, most was on the floor and in his hair. I made cute invites and sent them out to everyone in the family and to all of our friends, I had everything all planned out, I made him a shirt that said birthday boy, and it was on a little blue shirt, it was super cute, and everyone came, he tried to open presents but wasn't too interested. Once he found out what was underneath the presents though he was willing to tear stuff open.
When we went to bring him his cake, we lit the little "1" candle that was on it, we all started singing, and let me tell you, there like 20-25 people there at this time, and we are all singing happy birthday, and he is just looking around at all of us like, what are you doing, and why is everyone staring at me! But while we were singing Bryan (my bro) brought his cake over and sat it d0wn in front of him in his high chair and for a second he just stared at it. I was kneeling on the other side of his high chair so I hurried and blew out the candle and just stared at it more...then all of the sudden he just stuck one finger in the cake pulled it out and looked at, put it in his mouth, and realized that was the good stuff, and then it was all downhill from there. He just dug all into that cake and tore it all to pieces. It was all in his hair, all over the floor, up his nose, down his shirt, in his ears, in his nails, some in his mouth, some on the walls, most mostly on the tray, and down in the seat...it was priceless, and he loved every moment of it. He got so many good toys too which he loves and still plays with. He did learn to walk like a couple of weeks before his birthday and so it was a wonderful show for everyone to see.
A couple of days later, my dad flew in from NC to see the fam and to celebrate everyone's birthdays throughout the year. So while he was out we did a ton of shopping for food and a ton of shopping for presents. But it was all worth it. While my dad was out here I cut my neice's hair, this really cute cute style, longer in the front, short in the back right? Well first, she twirls her hair and its breaking off, so her parents told me to cut it off, so I did. My dad wasn't too happy about it, he loved her longer hair, but anyways, not even joking, like 3 days later, my sister calls me to tell me that Isabelle has taken it apon herself to give herself another haircut. Oh it was horrible. So I had to cut all her hair off. She looked just like a little boy, it was so sad. But it looked alot better than it did before. Anyways, Carter's hair was getting super long at this point too, it was getting ringlets in the back, old women are callin him a her, and I was like, ok well maybe it's time to cut his hair...So after my dad left, I got the scissors out and chopped it all off. And I kept all of it. And he was so cute after it was all gone. He looked like a completely different baby, I was kinda sad, but was happy that he looked like a little boy again. I sent pics to everyone and they all told me he looked like a little man, which I also thought was bittersweet...I don't want him to grow up too fast...

July-August 2009

(July)So he has mastered crawling at this point but not getting down off of things, like the couch, chairs, little boxes, so we taught him how to get down, we would turn him around and tell him to get down that way, we had to move his legs to show him how to get down off of stuff, and when he learned how to do that, we eventually got to the point when all we had to say when he wanted off something was turn around and get down, and he would do exactly that, it was amazing!! By this time he is pulling himself up on everything! So we are thinking that he might start walking soon, but no he is just pulling himself up on stuff but not moving. He loves getting in to stuff, all the time he is getting into something! We used to have a box of junk that we didn't need anymore sitting in the hallway and he seriously thought that was a treasure box just for him, he was always digging in it so see what he could find and would pull it out, show me, put it back and pull out something else. He loved to climb inside and play with everything in there, and then cry when he wanted out. I am sure tons more happened but like I said, I can't really remember too much!
(Aug)I had found out earlier in the year that my best friend in AZ was pregnant and so me and Carter planned a trip down to see her before she had her baby, she was due in Sept. So Carter got to go on another plane ride and he did so good! He had mastered crawling down the stairs but not going up so that was always scary for us, so while we were down there, I showed him how to go up the stairs and he got it after a few runs. We went swimming while we were there at one of my other friends houses and he loved it! He would splash and whimper when the water would his his face, and play with me and laugh when we would spin around. We had a blast. He was pulling himself up on stuff and kinda walking along whatever he was holding, but he climbed more than he did anything else, he climbed all over everything he could reach. Tiffanie had this glass shelf thing and he would push the one item she had on it off and climb up there and sit and stare, and then climb off. There was this one time when we went bowling (not in AZ) and there is a little step there and he would just climb up the step, down the step, up the step, down the step, and he would smile, and then do it again.
Carter and Daisy are best friends and play together all the time! He loves to chase her around and she loves to lightly nibble on his hands (nothing dangerous). But it is so cute to see the 2 of them together. He says her name but he doesnt relate it to belonging to the dog, he just knows it as a word that we say so he copies. I love having a baby and a puppy for him to play with, plus she is so gentle with him, he will just crawl all over her and she just lays there or she tries to play with him, its so cute....Sorry Tiffanie, I have to tell about the dog.

April-June 2009

So these months are pretty vague for sure! I can't really remember what happened!
(April)Well Carter did learn how to crawl! He cut his 2 bottom teeth all the way through and didn't have anymore coming through at the moment. I can't remember but I pretty sure this is about the time when he started sayin dada, not mama, but dada...its just easier to say that.
This is also when I started to put him in his bouncy thing that you hang from the door frame and he loved that, we would sit and just swing back and forth on that and he thought it was the greatest thing in the world! We also got a puppy from one of my brothers friends, she couldn't keep her anymore, and I wanted a puppy really bad, Chris didn't, but I got one anyways...haha. Well she is a bordercollie mix and super sweet, she already loves Carter and he loves her too. They play outside all the time and she likes to nibble on his toes. His toes reminded me of little gummies and I think thats why she did it, we were always having to get on her about doing that but every time we turned around she was nibbling on his toes again. A funny sight to see.
(May)He was super cute when he learned how to crawl, he would sit on his hands and knees for the longest time and just rock back and forth and we thought for sure he would just take off, like he was revving up for something! He did that for a couple of weeks and then all of the sudden he just took off, and at first he was super wobbly and would fall over cuz his hands couldn't hold him up all the way. We never really put Carter on a schedule so he just stayed up with us and would go to sleep when we went to sleep and just did whatever (not the same now) but there was this one night that he just refused to go to sleep, so we let him stay up with us and we were watching a movie in bed and he was sitting up, he wouldn't lay down, and slowly but surely he started to fall asleep and I was holding him up with the blanket wrapped around him and he just slowly started to slump over to the side, and it was so funny because he was trying so hard to stay awake and would be all slumped over and pop his eyes open and they would close and he would relax a little more and then do it all over again, till finally I just layed him down beside me and and fell asleep for good, it was so cute!
(June) He had a favorite toy that we kept in the car, it was a little plush steering wheel with a little horn, blinkers that blinked and he always played with that, every time we got in the car, he would make sure he had it. And the funniest thing about the whole thing was there was this little red light at the top of the toy that didn't do anything, didn't light up, nothing, but that was his favorite part and he always tried to put that piece in his mouth and when he couldn't get it in there, he would pull the toy down and just look like, what are you doing, why won't you get in my mouth! It was so funny. He also got his top 2 teeth this month, and when he would nurse, he thought it was so great to bite me...so needless to say, I stopped nursing. Nothing I did stopped him from biting me, so I had to quit before I was seriously injured. ;) By this time, Carter had been pulling himself up onto eveything and since he could crawl, he was all over the place all the time! Every time I turned around, he was in some other part of the room! It was crazy how fast he got at crawling. Sometimes I miss him just being able to crawl around...

March 2009

So for March, I don't really remember a whole ton...Carter started cutting teeth around this time, and honestly he was not that fussy when he was cutting them, the only reason we knew he was cutting teeth was because his nose was super runny, and he drooled so much! And he never drooled, so when we checked sure enough he was cuttin teeth on the bottom. He started eating solids around this time and finally discovered french fries, which he LOVED! It was super cute to see him holding this huge french fry and trying to get it into his mouth! But once he did, he was in heaven! I also took a video on my phone of his first peice of string cheese and that was so funny! He just sucked on it and slowly ate a few bites only to naw on them and then spit them out again. He loved to eat those soft like apple flavored things, I can't remember what they are called now! But anyways, he loved them, they would keep him quiet just about anywhere we went. He loved going to movies with us, and for the longest time he would just sit there and watch the movie with us...it was so nice! But he quickly grew out of that! I can't really remember what has happened since then! I am sorry these are so vague! Maybe if I remember more I can just add to it?? On to April!

Feb 2009

So as for Feb of 2009, this what happened that month. Well since me and Chris had bought a house we decided to do a couple of things with our tax return...we paid off on of our vehicles, we bought a couch, a bed and a flat screen TV. We also got new phones. We were loving it! Well, that same month, Feb. 21, Carter wasn't looking like he was feeling well, so we ended up taking him to the hospital, I think I already told this story, but this is just a short version. He wasn't breathing well and we ended up taking him to the emergency room, only to spend the next 3 days there. Finally he got better and we were able to go home. We was a sad sight to see when he was there though. I am so happy he got better! It was super scary at the time!

Wow, It's been a year!

Ok so it's been a year since I have posted ANYTHING on here and I thought it might be high time to get something going on here...I have a little laptop so I dont really have a reason of why i can't pop on and make an update. So I will start by going back to February of 2009 and starting from there. So, here's hoping I remember what happened.

Loves to Everyone!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Past 8 months

Ok so I have been getting harrassed that I need to update my blog. So this is an overview of what has happened in the past 8 months.
Oh wow, where to start, where to start...we will go back to July. Well I was still very pregnant. This gives you an idea of where I was between August and September before I popped.

Nothing really happened during July or August, I would go to the doctor as usual, he would check me tell me everything looked good and would send me home. Well then I got going to my weekly appointments and the dr was checking my belly and I asked him how much he thought he weighed and he said "I can only guess within about a pound, and he seems like he is about 6.5-7 lbs now. I wouldn't be suprised if he was over 8 lbs." I was about to freak out, I still had like 3-4 weeks left! And in the last month, you gain 1 pound a week, I thought for sure I was going to explode. Well then, 2 weeks before I am due the doc says, "Well everything looks good, but don't plan on anything happening before the 25th of September." I almost punched him right then and there. I was so mad! Don't tell a pregnant women, who is ready to have a baby that she is going to have to wait another week longer. I was planning on having the baby in 2 weeks, and he is going to tell me that its going to be 3? Yeah I was mad. Well anyways, things were pretty slow with everything, I got my replacement trained at work, and so for a while I was pretty bored with nothing to do. I would go the docs every Wednesday, and 1 week before my first due date (Sept 18) the doc stripped my membranes (gross I know) but he was ready to send me into labor, I was dialated to a 1 or 2, and only about 40% ephased, plus the baby was basically sitting there just waiting for everything to happen, he was dropped as low as he could go, and I was starting to wobble, a lot! Well I told everyone at work, and they were taking bets to see when I would have the baby, and of course nothing happened. I mean nothing. So I went in the following Monday (Sept 15) to see if there was any change, nothing. So I went in on Wednesday (17) to get my membranes stripped again and I think that I was like 50% ephased and maybe a 2. All week I was like, this is crap, this baby needs to come out. But I wasn't going to push it with the doc, he told me that it would happen when it was supposed to. Well the 18th came and the 18th went, no baby. So that Friday at work, I only did a 1/2 day, I was so bored. All weekend, I just layed around, cleaned, and called out of work on Monday and Tuesday, and by this time, I was like, I have to get this baby out, so I started moving furniture around all over the place on Monday, nothing, the only thing that did for me was make my back a little sore and made me super tired. Well to shorten this a little, the doc scheduled for me to go into the hospital Tuesday night around 8 for them to start me. Really what they do is put a little pill by your cervix to soften it to bring on labor, and the first one didn't do anything. So they did another one 4 hours later, so about 3am, and that one started the contractions. They were coming about every minute and a half now, and they were defenitely strong. But I was fine, they gave me some fentinal to take the edge off, I could still feel the contractions but they never peaked. That continued on till about 7am, my nurse came in and asked me what I would like to do first, the epidural or the pitocin. Keep in mind I wanted to go natural, but not if they were going to induce me. Well it turned out that if I had waited a bit for the epidural, that I would have had to do forced contractions for an hour with no pain killers, so I did the epi first and that was easy, didn't really hurt like I thought it would. Then I couldn't feel a thing, it was nice. And then they started the pitocin. Then the contractions started coming on stronger, but it was all good because I was numb. I was hooked up to a monitor and it watched my contractions and the baby's movements. This is a picture of me and Chris after everything was hooked up and I couldn't feel a thing. It was great. The second one is of the monitor, the red line is the baby, and the blue one is my comtractions. At this point they were coming in 2's, one minute apart.

They broke my water at some point, but nothing every came out, nothing happened. The nurse kept coming in and checking me, when they got me all hooked up (about 7:30am on the 24th) I was only at like a 4 but i was 80% ephased, they came in around 10am and I was 90% ephased and about 8cm, so they told me they would come back around at 11 and check on me. At 11 I was 100% ephased and at 9cm. So she said that I would most likely start pushing at noon. Well they didn't come back till like 12:30 or something, and I was taking a nap so it was all good. They came back and told me I was fully dialated and ready to push. So we wait for the contractions to start, and I can feel the tightness of the contraction but not the pain. So you push 3 times during a contraction, and that is some freakin hard work. The only thing you are really doing is moving the baby up and under and passed your pelvic bone, so that the head is barely sticking out. Well I push, and I push, and I push, and then Chris is like, I can see his head! Everyone (my mom, and my sister and me) were all like what does it look like? Chris goes, "Kinda like an elbow." haha, I had visions of giving birth to an elbow, it was funny. So I keep pushing, and all of the sudden the nurse goes, oh he's moving! How cute! They could see his little head moving around, Chris said it was super cute. The pushing wasn't all that painful, but I was worried that I might poo or fart or something, so I wasn't pushing as hard as I could have I guess, so it took a while, but then I said whatever, if I poo, I poo, I won't be the first one thats every happened to. (I never did by the way!! haha) Well at about 3:15- 3:20pm, after tons of pushing, they tell me to stop and that the baby is where he needs to be, and that they have to call the doc. I was like WHAT?! Now you are calling the doc! He was about a 20 minute drive from the hospital, and I am just hangin out with a baby coming out of me! To pass the time I am trying to find out if someone can go get me something to eat when all of this is over, because I was starving. And they talked me into getting a mirror, which I loved, I was against it the whole time, and then I caved, and I am so glad I did. Well the doc gets there about 3:45 or so, and then says ok get ready, PUSH! So I push as hard as I can, and all of the sudden I feel all this burning, and relief, and the baby's head was out, well then he says push again right after all of that, I am like WHAT? So I push again, out pop the shoulders. I think its all over and the doc goes,ONE MORE PUSH, I was like, WHAT! AGAIN! So I push again, and out comes the rest of him! Carter Bradley Checketts joined the world on September 24, 2008 at 3:54pm weighing 7lbs 14oz and 20 inches and I got to see it all happen with the mirror! It was so great to see that little life come out and join the world. At this point, I was crying, my mom was crying, Chris was crying, I think the only person not crying was the doc. The first thing that comes out of the docs mouth is, "Look at the paws on that thing!" His hands were pretty big. This is a picture of him on the wiegh table, still all brand new, just minutes old. See his hands are big.
The rest of the month is kinda a blur, I was so tired, so exhausted, nursing every 2 hours, sleeping in increments of 2 hours, it was hard. But I did get a few pics. I think he looks like a little bull dog. He had just woken up so he still looks puffy. (These are at different ages too)
Oh and I cut my hair, it's not this short anymore, but its still short.
But then things started to take routine, he went from every 2 hours, to about every 3 and stayed there for a while.
October was fun, Carter had his baby blessing, and my mom took super cute pics of that.

For Halloween he was a little devil. I was something with spikey hair, devil horns, and a cape, and Chris was a ghoul. And Uncle Mike was a hippy. I am not sure if I was ready for the picture or not, but I dont look happy. Tiffanie came up to visit and see Carter, and she met Josh here at my house, where we all went to lunch at Fire House Pizzeria, where they both fell in love!! ha ha
November was Thanksgiving, and December was Christmas. Carter went to see Santa for the first time, it was good, he had no idea what was going on, so he just hung out.

January has been cold, he got his first cold, and lost his voice, which he didn't mind, he kept on making squeaking noises just to hear himself talk. Carter also took his first plane trip to AZ for Tiffanie's wedding. (Which was amazing!!) It was so warm down there! And he did so good on the plane. He got his own seat and everything, and yes he was buckled.

He learned to roll over when me and Chris were celebrating our 2 year anniversary. We were at the hotel just watching tv and over he goes, from his back to his belly. He hasn't quite figured out how to completely roll over yet, but he will get there. And he loves to talk!!! He would just babble away sometimes to no one, to a toy to me or Chris or just at the ceiling! It was so cute. He loves to laugh, Chris is the best at making him laugh, and its so cute, he has been laughing since he was about a month old.
As for February, well things have been good except for the past couple of days. Saturday Feb. 20, Carter woke up with a cough, a deep barking cough. I was worried it was RSV, so I called my mom, and the doc, and my mother in law, and they all told me what to look for and when to go to the hospital if it came to that. Well he was fine during the day part of Saturday, but that night he started having problems breathing, and was struggling to get air in. I was nursing him and he would have to stop to breathe, and that is one of the major signs to look for, his nostrils were flaring when he would inhale, and his chest was caving in around his ribs when he would breathe. We were in the parking lot of the hospital waiting for my mom and stepdad to get there, and he was just in his carseat, not really doing anything, he would just stare ahead, and not move, and that was another sign that they are in distress. It was so scary, so we took him to the emergency room at 2:30am Sunday morning, and they admitted him in and immediately started doing breathing treatments on him. That was hard to watch because he was screaming, and you could tell it was hard for him to get the air in that he needed. Under his sternum it would go so deep when he would take a breath in. But you could tell immediately after that he could breathe so much easier. They also gave him steroids to help open up the passage ways for breathing, but those don't start working for about 24 hours. They did chest X-rays to make sure there wasn't anything else going on, and there wasn't, but he did have croupe. And he was struggling to get good air flow. About 2 hours after the first treatment, they did another one, and then finally the ER doc said that he was admitting him to Pediatrics, they knew we were coming, and had a room all ready for us when we got up there. We were there all day Sunday, Sunday night and Monday night and finally came home Tuesday morning around 9:45am. He was getting breathing treatments every 4 hours, sometimes every 2, and they gave him another dose of the steroids (it had been about 14 hours since the last does, they can only give those every 12) and the doc would call and talk with the nurse, and he just felt that Carter should stay because he was having difficulty and because he was getting so many treatments. He is doing better but he still gets tight around his bronchiol tubes. They cleaned his nose out a few times, and that was hard to watch, because it was so hard on him. No one got any sleep Sunday, so Carter slept a lot while we were there and is still sleeping. Which is fine, because his little body went through a lot. They didnt have to do an IV, thank heavens, but they had him hooked up to a monitor to watch his respitory, his heart and his blood oxygen intake. But he was a happy camper the whole time, he only cried when he was tired or hungry (which is normal for us!) and sometimes when they did the treatments. But so far so good with being a mom. It is such a blast. I will try to keep this updated more, I know there are other things that have happened, but I dont have all the pictures to put up with the story, so that will happen later.